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Summertime presents some of the toughest  lawn care issues in South Florida. Typically, the  high heat, and the lack of water. These problems are made worse by the watering restrictions imposed in most areas. The first thing you need to do is learn the local laws from the City, State and county when it comes to […]

Summer is the beginning of Drywood termite swarming season. Swarming generally occurs at nighttime as opposed to Subterranean termite swarms that generally occur in the daytime. Drywood termites have no ground contact. They live their entire life inside wood. Swarmers are generally brownish in color. Subterranean termites swarm in spring but do continue into the […]

White grubs are the larvae of beetles.  The body of a grub is white with a brown head and a dark area on the rear abdomen. They have three pairs of legs that sit  near the head of the body. When they rest,  they rest in a C shaped position. White grubs have a life cycle ranging […]

There are many reasons that plants die and some of the reasons are not related to disease. A lot of environmental stressors cause disorders that look like, but are not diseases. An example of an environmental stressor is drought. Drought stress can kill a plant.  When a pathogen infects a plant and disrupts growth that […]

Fire ants, although similar in color to the Pharoah ant are much smaller, dull looking ants that range in color from golden to light brown. This species has no large-headed workers. They are slow- moving and cause painful stings that can last a long time. These tiny ants can fall on people working in infested vegetation […]

There is a right way and a wrong way to mow your lawn. The first thing you need to understand about mowing is how your lawn grows. Grass growth occurs from two points: The first point is at the crown, which lies just above the soil surface. The second point is from the base of […]

What is a Palmetto Bug? A Palmetto bug is another (nicer) name given to the generally nasty American cockroach.  Although adult palmetto bugs do have wings, they usually run very quickly and rarely fly. The Palmetto bug (American cockroach) is the largest cockroach to infest homes. Males and females grow to be about the same size […]

With concerns about ground water pollution, Florida and other states are implementing restrictions against the use of phosphorous in fertilizers and restricting the amount of nitrogen in a fertilizer.  What can you do to protect the ground water but still keep your lawn healthy and green? Organic lawn care can help reduce fertilizer runoff and protect […]

Early spring is the time when South Florida homeowners begin noticing weed growth and brown spots on their lawns. What can you do? One of the best things you can do is simply be patient. Many of the problems you see in the early spring will disappear with basic lawn care maintenance-fertilizing, mowing and watering. […]