Pest Control

Tuttle Mealybug

Tuttle mealybug is a significant issue in zoysia japonica species, particularly in EmpireTM Zoysia, but we have also found it in IconTM and ZeonTM lawns. IDENTIFICATION A Tuttle mealybug is very small (less than 2mm in length), and difficult to find in low numbers. In addition, it feeds in concealed locations, commonly beneath the leaf Tuttle Mealybug

Palmetto Bugs

What is a Palmetto Bug? A Palmetto bug is another (nicer) name given to the generally nasty American cockroach.  Although adult palmetto bugs do have wings, they usually run very quickly and rarely fly. The Palmetto bug (American cockroach) is the largest cockroach to infest homes. Males and females grow to be about the same size Palmetto Bugs

Pest Control Tips – Whiteflies

Adult whiteflies look like small white moths, but are actually closely related to sap-sucking aphids.. They are approximately 1mm long. Whiteflies do not hibernate and must need  a suitable host all year.  Consequently mild, warm Florida weather provides an ideal environment for whiteflies. An adult female whitefly can lay up to 200 eggs. In warm weather egg-laying Pest Control Tips – Whiteflies

Pest Control Tips – Winter Months

Most people tend to forget about pest control during the colder winter months but just because you can’t see rodents and pests easily doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem or you don’t have a situation that is encouraging spring pest problems.  It is important to check for rodent and pest activity during the winter Pest Control Tips – Winter Months