Friendly South Florida Landscape Design

Posted Jul 15, 2013, in

To create a friendly South Florida landscape design it takes equal parts of art and science. A South florida friendly yard provides a functional, beautiful, and ecologically sound landscape that enhances a home or building as well as the neighborhood.

When you place plants in your landscape you do not want to waste time, energy, or money caring for a plant that is not adapted to the spot where it’s planted.  Florida-Friendly Landscaping ™ guidelines help you find the right plants for the right location without  restricting your choices of color, texture, and style.

There are some basic guidelines you should be familiar with before beginning to design your landscape.

Form and Function

Plants are used to fill several roles within a landscape. For example,trees may be used to provide cooling, a windbreak, or habitat for wildlife. When you are designing your landscape think about the functions you need to fulfill.  What purpose will a certain bed serve? Will you have groups of trees to provide a wind break, or cooling and shade?

Plant and Soil Matching

Grass and landscape plants all have different needs when it comes to water, fertilizers, and maintenance.  An environmentally friendly way to group plants is by water requirements. This will conserve water and make maintenance easier.  It is also helpful to try and place plants that require the same type of fertilizer as a secondary criteria for further grouping.

Using Color

When you are choosing colors for your landscape it is good to focus on three primary colors that complement one another and repeat the combination throughout the landscape design. Don’t forget that plants bloom at different times of the year so think about that as you plan which plants go in which bed.


Use strategically planted trees to help cool or heat your home. PLant deciduous shade trees to the south, east and west of your home to provide cooling in the spring and summer and heating during the winter.  Trees can help you cut your air-conditioning bills by providing shade cover and cooling naturally.  Pick sturdy trees that can withstand high winds.


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