White Fly Control

Tiny Pests, One Big Problem

Here's an easy way to determine if you have whiteflies. If you brush by your plant and raise a cloud of white specs, you have whiteflies. Whiteflies are tiny, but they travel in big swarms. The larvae are even more minute in size but they eat more, usually on the underside of your plant leaves. Often you will yellow stripes on the leaf indicating they are being stripped of their nutrients. You'll find whiteflies indoors and outdoors. If you live in the south, they can be with you all year. Unless, of course, you treat them.

White Fly Control Tips

  • Try and catch adults on yellow sticky traps
  • Vacuum adults from leaves
  • Remove infested leaves
  • Release Encarsia formosa parasitic wasps to control greenhouse whitefly
  • Attract native predatory beetles
  • Spray plants with insecticidal soap or garlic oil
  • As a last resort, spray with pyrethrin

If you have a severe whitefly infestation call us at 561-248-4546 so we can begin a systemic treatment for your shrubs or plants.  Our whitefly treatment is safe, effective, and best of all affordable. Give us a call of complete our contact form for more information.