Time to Mow?

Mowing Lawns There is a right way and a wrong way to mow your lawn. The first thing you need to understand about mowing is how your lawn grows. Grass growth occurs from two points: The first point is at the crown, which lies just above the soil surface. The second point is from the base of the blades which is what you cut when you mow. The blade growth is responsible for elongating existing blades and creating new blades.  

When you mow your lawn you should never remove more than one third of the blade because removing more than that removes all the food and it stimulates the plant to create more tissue that requires more food. That means the remaining food be used to support the new growth and the root system will starve and die off.


If you are starving the roots, they will be short, making them less able to endure dry conditions. In South Florida conditions that are a sure recipe for a damaged, dying lawn. You want healthy roots that can withstand drought and heat.


For your first spring mowing check to see that grass blades are at least 4 inches high. Set your mower height at 3 inches and if the blades of your mower are dull, sharpen them before you mow. Mowing with dull blades will shred the tips of the blades, cause water loss, and make your lawn more susceptible to disease, Shredded tips also make your lawn look brown.

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