Spring Lawn Renovation Tips

Posted Apr 16, 2013, in ,

A Striped Lawn

Early spring is the time when South Florida homeowners begin noticing weed growth and brown spots on their lawns. What can you do? One of the best things you can do is simply be patient. Many of the problems you see in the early spring will disappear with basic lawn care maintenance-fertilizing, mowing and watering.  If you have a centipede lawn the soil has to warm up before the lawn begins to grow.

One of the things you should avoid during the spring is the use of pesticides and fungicides because in spring insects, pests and diseases are generally not active.

Most weeds that appear in early spring are winter annual weeds that die off naturally as the weather gets hot. These weeds are also difficult to kill in the spring using post emergent herbicides. You should treat your lawn for winter weeds in the fall with a pre-emergent herbicide for best results.

One of the best thongs you can do during the spring is to focus on making your grass grow better.  Wait for about three weeks after your lawn greens up and then apply fertilizer. Often 15-0-15 fertilizer

is the best choice but send in a soil sample to the University of Florida extension office and have them complete a soil analysis to be sure which nutrients your lawn needs and confirm the best fertilizer for your lawn. Follow the directions carefully for applying the fertilizer and use a cyclone type spreader to spread the fertilizer evenly for best results.

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